Week 3 Updates: #Designerfromscratch


Time spent: No track.

So, I was feeling low and couldn’t do anything substantial and even didn’t updated the LinkedIn post as well.

It is pretty much evident that there will be good days and there will be bad days. They all are part and parcel of life but what comes out as the outcome and how you bear that, separates you from the rest.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.


Time spent: Must be somewhere around 4 hours easily.

From a couple of days, I am unable to track time and I think I should do it again. It helps in quantifying and measuring the efforts.

So, here is what I did today.

1. Heuristic evaluation of the Splitwise app. We (Ashish and I) are working on a redesign project of it.

2. Learning about Icon design and here is one interesting thing I learned today. How to make a heart in most simple steps. Thanks @iconscout for the super awesome blog on that.


UI is a crucial part of the product design chain and I think I should be focusing on that.

Now that two weeks are over, here is the roadmap for the rest of this week.

1. Practicing UI related stuff. Proficiency comes with consistency and deliberate practice, so, I’ll be dedicating one hour for practicing UI elements and getting them right. Will update more on it.

2. Finishing the redesign exercises that we have taken.

3. Finishing the fourth module of IDF course.

4. Moving on to the “define” phase for the fitness app.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. See you tomorrow.



Time spent: Don’t know why have I stopped keeping track of time.

A couple of things:

? I had this weird thought that how can I show good weather, loved ones, and home? And with that thought in mind, I designed an icon set for the same.

? Also, out of nowhere, I found myself working on my portfolio site. Developed the header and navigation part of the site. I think it looks much better now. Though, have to work on the copy of it. And this kept me occupied the whole day.

Other than this, nothing substantial came out. The idea of today is to start on the unfinished design projects and at least finish one. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.



Time spent: 3h 05m

Course completion: 44%

So, yesterday I worked on the affinity diagram, empathy mapping activities and read about different kinds of personas.

And I amazed to see that how much value do these activities bring to the table when exploring the problem space.

Apart from this, I worked on creating an icon set which is yet not completed, maybe today if time permits.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Today’s action items are:

? To define the personas and create an actionable problem statement.

? To complete the icon set.

? To improve the copy of the portfolio site.


 27-05-2019  28-05-2019 , 29-05-2019 


From 27, I stopped keeping track of time and stopped updating the blog also.

Reason being, I thought that instead of sharing about what I did, I thought of documenting what I learned.

But things generally don’t turn out the way you have thought.

So, I didn’t do that as well.

And hence, here I am walking the guilty path as I don’t remember what I did in these three days.

Though, I definitely worked for sure.

Yeah, that’s it.




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