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Getting our head around Twitter Redesign: Thoughts

The redesign is happening all over. First Uber redesigned their logo and then Facebook announced an app like interface which will be rolled out soon and now we have twitter desktop with a redesigned user interface.

With all these redesigns twitter came out to be the odd one to us, first of all with the positioning of certain elements that were uncalled for and much more.

We tried our hands-on with the Twitter redesign and it came out as a bag filled with mixed emotions, here we’ll try to put out our thoughts on the matter and the reason behind them.

Key Highlights of the redesign so far:

  • Twitter Desktop redesign
  • New profile page
  • Data Saver
  • Dark Mode
  • New bookmarks and settings

Getting started with the things that bothered us:

  • All the while we were using Twitter, the main content i.e. the tweets panel used to be center aligned and now with the redesign, it is slightly left aligned and that bothers you initially.
    Twitter Redesign
    Old Layout
    New Layout
    Redesigned Twitter Layout
  • The second thing that was totally unnecessary was the relocation of close icon all over the platform, It’s a convention since the inception of Twitter that in the Bootstrap  Modal the close icon has to be on the right side of the screen and that got most of us used to that. But in the redesign, the close icon is relocated to the left top of every modal.Our take on twitter modal redesignRedesigned twitter modal

We are not able to comprehend the fact that why Twitter is trying to reinvent the wheel by making the users revisit certain patterns all over again.

Why try to fix something that’s not broken?

We did some research on this and it turned out that Twitter is implementing its Twitter Lite app as their web app. Twitter’s intention was to make a mobile-first platform and it clearly shows. But it still needs some real polishing, for instance, if you try to put out a tweet, the tweet button is located all the way up on the right of the modal. This goes totally against the usability of the app on mobile devices since you have to extend your thumb all the way to the top of your display. And with new 21:9 aspect ratio of the mobile devices the vertical space is ever increasing, so this has to be resolved.

Us trying to hit the tweet button
Literally us trying to hit the tweet button

P.S. This was not even with a 21:9 aspect ratio device?

Alternatively, we assume that Twitter hasn’t done it impulsively and must have done a lot of testing around but as an end user, we can’t get our head around as why it is done that way. Hence, we are putting our thoughts in this thread.

Amidst all of this, the dark mode is something that we absolutely love.


Twitter Dark Mode
New Dark Mode on Twitter

Let us know if you have any thoughts around it. We would love to hear that.

P.S: We are noob designers, correct us if you find us wrong. We love Twitter, and as an end user of Twitter, we have put our thoughts around it.

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