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Do’s & Don’ts of Remote Work – AMA with Sankalp Sinha

So, due to this COVID’19 situation we all had to work from home or remotely as everyone says it.

And for us, we were working remotely way before the government made it mandatory and mind you, the first couple of days were not easy.

And as per my usual habit, I went live on Facebook and talked about my struggles which included:

  1. Oversleeping.
  2. Decrease in productivity.
  3. Finding it hard to make a balance between work & life.

So, I was trying to figure out a way around it and that’s when Sankalp saw the video and the conversation started.

And in those initial days there were a lot of conversations happening around remote work being the new cool and how everyone is dealing with it. 

People were all over the place sharing their home workspaces and majorly the screenshots of zoom video calls etc etc.

Basically, everyone was trying to settle in and there were a lot of questions & confusions.

And that’s where this AMA kind of thing made absolute sense as for sure Sankalp must be getting a lot of these questions because he has been doing remote work for 2.5+ years now.

We crowdsourced some of the questions and I already had some with me and that’s how the following webinar happened.

Enough of context building, let’s jump straight to the major takeaways that I could draw from the session. 

In case, if you want to watch the session, here is the link:

Major Takeaways:

  1. Don’t leave any room for interpretation.
  2. Maintain a single source of truth: When there are multiple stakeholders involved, you should try maintaining a single source of truth. Eg. One universal file relating to the respective project.
  3. Everybody has to think remote: While working remotely, your entire team has to think in terms of remote.
  4. Mental Health is extremely important: Isolation can hit you up. So, take utmost care of yourself. Try yoga or meditation.
  5. Over-communication is way better than no communication.
  6. Set time boundaries for yourself. Have a start and log out time.

Remote Tools we talked about in the session:

Books we talked about:

Also, Himanshu, one of the attendees  shared his learnings. So, you can access it here.

Overall, it was an insightful session and hoping that you are all safe and settled in amidst this COVID’19 situation.

You can follow Sankalp here:

Thank you.

Stay Tuned until next one.



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