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#DesignerfromScratch: What, How and Why?

So, it’s been a while that we have been trying our hands to learn UX design And after scratching the surface for a while there seems no definite way to go about it.

We find ourselves approaching an overwhelming sea of information with the fact that we don’t know how to swim.

But now, we decided to take the matter in our hands and hence, this design learning sprint which we have named #DesignerfromScratch.

#DesignerfromScratch is a design sprint where we will be learning the basics of UX design and applying the learning by testing it out on a project and sharing the updates on a weekly basis.


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The Participants

Moving on, it would be best if you get an idea about who the participants will be in this learning campaign.

By the way, no one of us is from design schools.

Ashish Goswami: A postgraduate in computer science with innate skills in design. Have worked in a startup for a year as a UI designer and want to get competent in this field.

Designer from scratch

And here is his reason as to why he wants to learn Design.

It was 2010 when I developed my first website. I was in class 10th and it was a basic HTML, CSS (just frontend) site for my school. And since then I got in love with the development aka Coding.

And for the next 5 years, I was into that, I graduated from school, went on to pursue my Graduation. It was during the second year of graduation when I got my hands dirty with the designing. I designed a logo for our first endeavor and I was happy with it.

After that I got into my Post Graduation, I used to design logos, posters and participated in design contests. Won a few, but still, I never took design as a career option.

It was until I got into my first job, it was a travel startup. I joined as a Front-end developer but only after a couple of months into that I was assigned the role to design the UI/ UX for the new platform alongside a very talented graphic designer from the NIFT Delhi. This proved to be a major change in my life and career.

I fell in love with the process involved in UI/ UX designing, empathizing with the users, solving their problem, ideating, prototyping and seeing a new platform born of your thoughts.

This was when I figured out that coding is not something that I want to pursue as a career, rather I decided to go with UI/ UX designing. It’s been a year since then and recently I moved to Bangalore to learn it further and explore its various dimensions.

Shubham Bhatt: A computer science graduate and have worked for a startup as a UI developer with a knack of learning UX design.

Designer from scratch

Now, here is my reason as to why I want to learn UX design.

According to me, There are three main aspects of any product lifecycle.

Design -> Development -> Marketing

And having done development for a year, I figured out that 2-3 years down the lane, I don’t see myself in the development space. I picked it up as a hobby but I don’t want to make that as a profession.

When it comes to why Design, I love brainstorming on ideas, talking about it and planning out how to proceed further. I like empathizing with the target audience and putting myself into their shoes and above all, I want to create.

Hence, design seems to be an ideal point to get my hands on.

So, this is one of my primary reasons why I started this blog and started connecting with people but you can’t excel in any field if you don’t want to get competent in the field and hence, we thought of starting this campaign and putting everything right here, on the web.

The Roadmap

We have taken Interaction Design Foundation membership for a year and we will be picking up an idea that we have and will take that as a capstone project while implementing whatever we are learning during the course.

First two weeks roadmap is as follows and we are not making the entire roadmap in one go as we want to remian flexible.


Also, we will be picking up the human-centered design course from coursera during this period.

The deadline is 08 weeks, starting today and this campaign will end on 18th of July 2019 and we will be sharing the progress every week out here.

We know that learning and getting competent in the UX space is an everlasting journey but the goal of this sprint is to apply whatever we have learned during the course and get the fundamentals right.

So, watch out space and if ever you want to join us in this campaign, do let us know.

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