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Design Talks with Sankalp Sinha: Minimalism & Design

In this episode of design talks, we have Sankalp Sinha with us who is currently working as Senior Product Designer [Remote] at Seller Crowd.

He is an advocate of Minimalism and that reflects so prominently from his personality.

So, we explored the concept of “ Minimalism and Design “. We talked about Minimalism as a philosophy and how it is related to Design.

Video Podcast

[Plug in earphones/headphones for listening properly, the audio is a bit low.]

In the video podcast, Sankalp mentioned quite a few resources  on Minimalism which are as follows:

Additional Resources:

And here are the key takeaways from the video podcast.

  • Minimalism is a lifestyle and practice.
  • Minimalism and mindfulness go hand in hand and hence, meditation becomes a companion in your pursuit of minimalism.
  • Minimalism in design is about getting rid of the stuff that you think won’t add any value to the end user. In a nutshell, it is about getting rid of the noise.
  • When you apply minimalism, either to your design or your life, you become more aware of the stuff that you are doing.
  • Find your own definition of minimalism.

You can find Sankalp here:

Hope you were able to learn something new today.

Stay tuned for more such design talks.

P.S: Pardon for the sloppy video transitions and audio quality. We surely will improve the next time.

Thank you.

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