About Us

The best way to learn is to learn and share on the go. And most of the stuff that I have learned so far is by sharing it along with.

Hello everyone, Shubham Bhatt this side.

Since I am trying to learn and explore the field of User Experience, the best way for me to move ahead is to share my journey as to how I am proceeding forward.

What I have felt so far is that, when you are trying to learn a craft like this, there are a lot of unknowns-unknowns. And it consumes time. So, I’ll try to share all my learnings here and my roadmap also so that any new person like me can get benefit from it.

Yeah, that’s the plan as of now. I’ll keep on updating what’s happening in my end.

If you have managed to read it so far, thank you and do let me know if I can be of any value for you, ever.

Thank you.